Greg Doster - Artist 

Greg Doster was born in Farmerville, Louisiana and spent his youth/teenage years about 60 miles away in a “papermill town” called Springhill, Louisiana. After completing his degree in Architecture at Louisiana Tech University, Greg proceeded further to understand the art of watercolor painting by studying and working with one of the most skillful and talented illustrators of Northern Louisiana, Jerry Nelson Haynes.  Jerry Haynes provided Greg with insight and vision on how to capture a moment with watercolor though creative balance and contrast.  He still considers Mr. Haynes as one of the greatest influences of his style and creative approach. 

Greg left Louisiana and moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth where has made home for over 40 years. After his arrival in the Dallas area, Greg took and attended workshops from Bud Biggs, a well-traveled, respected and talented watercolor artist in North Texas. Greg now resides in Kaufman, Texas (just outside of Dallas) and has recently opened an upstairs Studio/Gallery in downtown Kaufman.  

The work that Greg has created for over many years can be described as art looking for a story. Most of his illustrations start with the idea that the meaning of the work needs a connection to an event or purpose or it becomes more or less wall art than substance.  Most of the painting mediums have been in watercolor but some pieces can be best captured through oils, acrylics, and pastels, depending on the idea and feelings.


Greg’s work has been exhibited at numerous art shows, solo exhibitions and has achieved several awards.

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